Brasenose Green Group

HCRGreenGroupThe HCR Green Group, a collective of college students leading the charge to improve Brasenose’s environmental profile was set up in 2020 following the creation of similar groups in colleges such as LMH and Pembroke. The group is a collective of students with varying experiences in environmental sustainability and climate campaigning. Students in the group enact change in the college by writing motions for review at the HCR committee meeting and drafting sustainable strategy policy for the college. The group attends talks and holds documentary screenings together as well as organising events for the college members.

In collaboration with the Environmental Strategy Steering Group (ESSG) the group promoted an Environmental Survey that collected the students feeling and suggestions on the colleges approach so far to tackling the climate crisis, aiming for net-zero carbon emissions and positive net biodiversity gain. This collaboration and the results of this survey were influential in getting students a seat at the college “Investment Advisory Committee”, where they hope to encourage sustainable investment of the college’s funds and well as beginning the process of writing the colleges new sustainability target.

The Environmental Representative currently Maria Marinari acts as the administrator for the group. The group meets at 6 pm every odd-numbered week of term. If you would like to know where the group is next meeting please email [email protected].

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