Student Blog: Summer Fun at Brasenose

IMG 0127Brasenose, like most colleges, has a student committee member (or two) in charge of organising fun college events for students to enjoy when they are not studying. These students are called Entz (entertainment) reps and this year they are Joey Fisher (2nd year Biochem) and Maria Ryan (2nd year Chemistry).

Our summer term (called Trinity) is a great term for Entz in Brasenose; if you’re lucky enough not to have exams then you can look forward to a term of idyllic punting trips, sunny days and generally enjoying all that Brasenose has to offer. However if you do happen to have exams then evening events can be a great way to unwind after a day in the library and the end of term events help finalists celebrate in style.

At the start of ever term we have ‘Collections Cocktails’, a unique Brasenose event which is many students favourite night of term as they have a chance to catch up with friends and relax after their ‘collections’ (hence the name). These are past paper style exams set by tutors to check you’ve not forgotten everything over the holidays! We have a great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails that are free after you’ve paid a small entrance fee. This term we decided to mix things up and have a pirate themed night. We had pirate themed cocktails, water guns, a photo booth, eye patches to hand out and our lovely Entz committee made huge waves to decorate the walls of Lecture Room VI where the event is held.

Shortly after this was May Day which is a huge event in Oxford city as hundreds of people flock to Magdalen Bridge at 6am to hear the College School choir sing from the Magdalen Tower. To celebrate this incredibly special, historical event we decided to have an incredibly unhistorical Toga Party in Brasenose Hall complete with cardboard columns, red wine, grapes and fabulous Greek music. A special prize was awarded to any students that managed to make it to the Bridge in their toga. Hopefully this will become another one of Brasenose’s strange traditions…..

Things continued apace after this in Brasenose. First we had the Brasenose Ball (please see the article written by Miles Overton) and then two BOPs. These are fancy dress parties held in a club that the whole of college attend. For the first one we asked people to ‘dress as their mate’ and for the second ‘finalist’s Bop’ we, fittingly, asked you to come as what you think you’ll be in 10 years. This final Bop held right at the end of term can be emotional as for most 3rd years it is their last college event. The Brasenose netball team had just received their new kit so decided to show it off, perhaps because in 10 years they’ll wish they were still at Brasenose!?

The final event of term was the Annual Brasenose Garden Party (pictured) which is not just for students as staff and tutors are also invited which creates a great sense of community in Brasenose. This year we were blessed with a beautiful warm day which made the ice cold Prosecco and Pimms taste even sweeter and the Jazz (provided by Oxford University Jazz Orchestra) even smoother! The kitchens, once again, provided tasty sandwiches, strawberries and cream which were quickly devoured. And students were able to share the event with their friends using the temporary Garden Party snapchat filter! It was a great way to end what had been a brilliant term at Brasenose.

by Maria Ryan

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