Student Blog: from Biology to Children's Books

UsborneBooks2I graduated from Brasenose in 2014, having done, and thoroughly enjoyed, a degree in Biological Sciences. I got a lot from the learning itself - the lectures, practical work, and especially the field trips - but I also loved college life, particularly getting involved with access work. I got loads of great experience trying to enthuse people about biology, and science in general (whether they wanted to be enthused or not!).

I went straight to work in primary schools in London, teaching small groups who needed a lot of extra help. I quickly found that, for me, making resources - worksheets, games, activities - was more enjoyable than actually delivering them. So after a year at schools, I tried to find a job that let me do that full-time, in a quieter, less sticky environment...

In May 2015, I got a job as a writer and editor for Usborne Publishing, who write and make all sorts of books for children, from baby's first word books, to young adult fiction. I'm writing a mixture of non-fiction books, including some brilliantly scientific stuff. Researching ideas and information for the books I write now is just like doing it for an essay - you just need more illustrations for five-year olds than Oxford tutors. And getting a book written on time seems easy, having written to deadlines for my whole degree.

The thing my time at Brasenose studying biology gave me more than anything else is an awe of the natural world, and an absolute yearning to tell as many people about it as possible. In this job, and whatever I might do next - that's something I know I'll need, use, and be grateful for.

By Alice James

Alice's latest book is called "The Usborne Outdoor Book"

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