Position William Golding JRF at Brasenose

Senior Research Fellow in Moral Psychology, Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy

BA (Yale), MSc (Oxford), MPhil (Cambridge), MA (Yale), MPhil (Yale), PhD (Yale)

Academic background and previous positions

Brian is a Senior Research Fellow in the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford, Associate Director of the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy at Yale University and The Hastings Center, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics. Brian’s work is cross-disciplinary, following training in philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, history and sociology of science and medicine, and ethics. Brian is recipient of both the Robert G. Crowder Prize in Psychology and the Ledyard Cogswell Award for Citizenship from Yale University, where, as an undergraduate, Brian was elected President of the Yale Philosophy Society and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Philosophy Review. Brian then conducted graduate research in psychological methods as a Henry Fellow of New College at the University of Oxford, followed by a degree in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science, technology, and medicine as a Cambridge Trust Scholar and Rausing Award recipient at Trinity College at the University of Cambridge. After spending a year in residence as the inaugural Presidential Scholar in Bioethics at The Hastings Center in Garrison, New York, Brian was appointed Benjamin Franklin Resident Graduate Fellow while completing a dual Ph.D. in philosophy and psychology at Yale University.

Undergraduate teaching areas Bioethics, Practical Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Experimental Philosophy

Graduate teaching areas Bioethics, Practical Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Experimental Philosophy

Research interestsPhilosophy of love, sex, and gender; philosophy of science, technology, and medicine; bias and research integrity in science; autonomy and bodily integrity; children’s rights


Earp, B. D., Chambers, C., & Watson, L. (Eds.) (2022). The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Sex and Sexuality. Abingdon and New York: Routledge.Earp, B. D., & Savulescu, J. (2020). Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Relationships. Stanford, CA: Redwood Press (imprint of Stanford University Press). [Published in the UK by Manchester University Press as Love Is the Drug: The Chemical Future of Our Relationships.]Earp, B. D., Lewis, J., Skorburg, J. A., Hannikainen, I., & Everett, J. A. C. (2022). Experimental philosophical bioethics of personal identity. In K. Tobia (ed.), Experimental Philosophy of Identity and the Self (pp. 183-202). London: Bloomsbury.Earp, B. D., Do, D., & Knobe, J. (2021). The ordinary concept of true love. In C. Grau & A. Smuts (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Love (online ahead of print). Oxford: Oxford University Press Earp, B. D., Demaree-Cotton, J. & Savulescu, J. (in press). Against externalism in capacity assessment—why apparently harmful treatment refusals should not be decisive for finding patients incompetent. American Journal of Bioethics, 22(10), 65-70.Earp, B. D. (2022). Genital cutting as gender oppression: revisiting the WHO paradigm. Frontiers in Human Dynamics, 4(778592), 1-2 Demaree-Cotton, J., Earp, B. D., & Savulescu, J. (2022). How to use AI ethically for ethical decision-making. American Journal of Bioethics, 22(7), 1-3.Earp, B. D. (2022). Meta-surrogate decision making and artificial intelligence. Journal of Medical Ethics, 48(5), 287-289.Earp, B. D. (2022). Against legalizing female ‘circumcision’ of minors. Global Discourse, 12(1), 47-76. Brown, R. C. H., de Barra, M., & Earp, B. D. (2022). Broad medical uncertainty and the ethical obligation for openness. Synthese, 200(121), 1-29. Earp, B. D., Lewis, J., Dranseika, V., & Hannikainen, I. (2021). Experimental philosophical bioethics and normative inference. Theoretical Medicine & Bioethics, 42(3), 91-111. Earp, B. D., McLoughlin, K. L., Monrad, J. T., Clark, M. S., & Crockett, M. J. (2021). How social relationships shape moral wrongness judgments. Nature Communications, 12(5776), 1-13.

[email protected] Departmental/faculty website: https://www.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/people/dr-brian-earp

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