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DPhil in Particle Physics (Linacre College)
Stipendiary Lecturer (Pembroke College)
140% Lectureship (Brasenose College)


MPhys (Pembroke College, Oxford)

Academic Background and Previous Positions

I completed my MPhys degree at Pembroke College (2014-2018) and in 2019.

I joined Linacre College for my DPhil with the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science.

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

At Brasenose, I am teaching the 3rd year modules ‘B4: Particle and Nuclear Physics’ and ‘B7: Classical Mechanics’.

Research Interests 

I am a DPhil candidate in the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, supervised by Dr Suzie Sheehy, Dr Rob Apsimon and Professor Manjit Dosanjh. My research focuses on the utilisation of transverse forces in radio frequency (RF) cavities, which are conventionally used to accelerate beams of particles.

I am also interested in tackling the inequality that exists in access to radiotherapy. Many lower income countries do not have a single radiotherapy machine. This global and multifaceted challenge requires input from expert accelerator physicists as the optimum radiotherapy treatment utilises a linear accelerator.

I completed my MPhys degree at Pembroke College (2014-2018) and spent a year working in industry either side of my undergraduate degree. For my Master's project, I worked on the Intense Beam EXperiment (IBEX) with Dr Sheehy.


Comparative Analysis of Radiotherapy Linear Accelerator Downtime and Failure Modes in the UK, Nigeria and Botswana, L. M. Wroe et al., Clinical Oncology, Volume 32, Issue 4, 2020




Email Address

[email protected]




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