Callum Brodie


- 3-Hour Stipendiary Lectureship in Physics at Brasenose College (2019-2020)
- 4-Hour Career Development Stipendiary Lectureship in Physics at Pembroke College (2019-2021)


MPhysPhil (Oxford)

Academic Background and Previous Positions

I completed my undegraduate studies in Physics and Philosophy (MPhysPhil) at Brasenose College, between 2011 and 2015. My Masters project was in 'Statistical Correlations of Explicit Type IIB Flux Vacua' and I supervised by Dr David Marsh and Dr Joseph Conlon.

My postgraduate studies (DPhil) in Theoretical Physics were undertaken between 2015 and 2019, also at Brasenose College. My thesis was on 'Aspects of string model-building and heterotic/F-theory duality', and I was supervised by Andre Lukas within the Theoretical Particle Physics group at the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics in Oxford.

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

The undergraduate courses I will be teaching this year include:

- First year physics: mechanics, optics, and electromagnetism (CP1 and CP2)
- Quantum mechanics (A3)
- Special relativity and symmetry (B2)
- General relativity (B5)
- Condensed-matter physics (B6)
- Advanced classical mechanics (B7)

Research Interests

My research, broadly, is in mathematical and phenomenological aspects of string compactifications. Specific areas include model-building in heterotic string theory and F-theory, heterotic/F-theory duality, G-structures for compactification, and computation of bundle cohomology.

Recent Publications

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