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Lecturer in Classics


Magister (Warsaw), DPhil (Oxford)

Academic background and previous positions

Before coming to Oxford, I received two Magister degrees from Warsaw University: in Classical Philology and in Polish Philology. I did my DPhil studies in Ancient History (St Anne's College); my dissertation on the figure of Hades/Plouton in Greek beliefs of the Archaic and Classical periods is going to be published by the Oxford University Press.

Undergraduate teaching:

Greek and Latin languages, Greek literature and history of the Archaic and Classical periods.

Research Interests

My research interests focus upon Greek religion of the Archaic and Classical periods. In particular I am interested in changes within Greek religious thought as well as in its interactions with the rest of the ancient world in these periods (at the moment mainly Italy and Sicily).

Publications include

'Dione's tale dismantled: Hades and Herakles at Pylos' [forthcoming in the Classical Quarterly]

Orphic Gold Tablets. Beliefs in the Afterlife among the Ancient Greeks, Institute for Classical Studies, University of Warsaw,  SubLupa, Warsaw 2011 [in Polish]

One needs to see in order to cry... The viewpoint of Polish literary critics of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with regard to the innovativeness of Maurice Maeterlinck’s works’, Pamiętnik Teatralny Vol. 1-2/ 2010, s. 53-61 [in Polish]

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