QualificationsZifarelli G

Master (Naples), PhD (Frankfurt am Main)

Academic background

Master in Physics

PhD in Biochemistry

Group leader at the Institute of Biophysics – Italian National Research Council (CNR) - Genova

Undergraduate teaching areas


Graduate teaching areas


Research interests

Biophysics and physiology of ion channels and transporters, membrane transport

Selected publications

Zifarelli G., Pusch M. “CLC chloride channels and transporters” In Handbook of ion channels Volume 74 (2015) - (in press)

Kusch J., Zifarelli G. “Patch-clamp fluorometry: Electrophysiology meets fluorescence” Biophysical Journal (2014)

De Stefano S., Pusch M., Zifarelli G. “A single point mutation reveals gating of the human ClC-5 Cl(-)/H(+) antiporter” Journal of Physiology (2013)

Jeworutzki E., López-Hernández T., Capdevila-Nortes X., Bengtsson L., Sirisi S., Montolio M., Zifarelli G., Arnedo T., Müller C., Schulte U., Nunes V., Martínez A., Jentsch T.J., Gasull X., Pusch M., Estévez R. “GlialCAM, a protein defective in a leukodystrophy, serves as ClC-2 Cl- channel auxiliary subunit” Neuron (2012)

Ruivo R., Bellenchi GC., Chen X., Zifarelli G., Sagné C., Debacker C., Pusch M., Supplisson S., Gasnier B. “Mechanism of proton/substrate coupling in the heptahelical lysosomal transporter cystinosin” Proceedings of National Academy of Science (2012)

Zifarelli G., Pusch M. “The muscle chloride channel ClC-1 is not directly regulated by intracellular ATP” Journal of General Physiology (2008)

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[email protected]