PositionsJefferys John

SCR Member at Brasenose College

Professor of Physiology, 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague

Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences 

Fellow of the American Epilepsy Society


BSc, PhD, FMedSci, FAES


Undergraduate and postgraduate training was in Physiology at University College London, followed by research positions at the Royal Free Hospital (in Neurology), Institute of Neurology (Queen Square, London; in Neurophysiology), Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine at St Mary’s Medical School (as Wellcome Senior Lecturer in Physiology and Biophysics). First tenured faculty position was as Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham, initially in the Department of Physiology, then the Division of Neuroscience (including 4 years as Head of Division) and finally in the School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. Move to Oxford was to focus on research, and particularly to promote translational research in epilepsy. On reaching retirement age in Oxford, took up part-time professorial position in, and moved lab to, the Physiology Department in the 2nd Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague.

Research Interests

Jefferys’ expertise is in the cellular physiology of neurons of the hippocampus and cortex, their organisation into functional networks. The principles that govern the operation of local circuits and assemblies of neurons are fundamental for understanding normal brain function, providing a pivotal link between cellular and molecular studies on the one hand, and the behaviour of the whole organism on the other. They are directly relevant to coherent physiological oscillations in the normal brain and to the pathological neuronal synchronisation found in the epilepsies. Current work mainly focuses on the interface between basic research on epilepsy and its translation towards clinical application, especially the relationship between epilepsy and cardiac and respiratory function and its implications for understanding sudden unexplained death in epilepsy.

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