Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Brasenose College; Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Department of Politics and International Relations; Director of the Centre for International Studies of the University of Oxford


BA (Genova), MA (Essex), DPhil (Essex)

Academic Background and Previous Positions

2014-2019 Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods in International Relations

2010-2014 Assistant Professor of International Relations, Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam

2008 – 2010 Researcher, Department of Government, University of Essex

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

International Relations; International Security & Conflict; Quantitative Methods – Q Step

Graduate Teaching Areas

International Relations; Research Design & Methods

Research Interests

Peacekeeping, Civil Wars, Collective Violence, Human Rights

Recent publications

2020 Bove, Vincenzo, Chiara Ruffa and Andrea Ruggeri. Why and How UN Peacekeeping Composition Matters, Oxford University Press

Peer-Reviewed Articles
1. Forthcoming. Vincenzo Bove and Andrea Ruggeri. “Peacekeeping Effectiveness and Blue Helmets’ Distance from Locals.” Journal of Conflict Resolution
2. Forthcoming. Jessica Di Salvatore, Ursula Daxecker, Andrea Ruggeri, “Fraud Is What People Make of It: Election Fraud, Perceived Fraud, and Protesting in Nigeria” Journal of Conflict Resolution
3. Forthcoming. Stefano Costalli and Andrea Ruggeri. “Long term consequence of civil war in young democracies. The Case of Italy 1946-1968.” Comparative Political Studies.
4. Forthcoming. Jessica Di Salvatore and Andrea Ruggeri. “UN Peace operations Withdrawals and State Capacity. Descriptive Trends and Research Challenges.” International Peacekeeping.
5. 2018. Ruggeri, Andrea; Dorussen, Han and Gizelis, Ismene. “Every Day on the Frontline? Sub-National Deployment of UN Peacekeeping”. British Journal of Political Science 48(4):1005-1026.

The Fellowship: Interviewed

When Politics Isn’t Simple Anymore

Click here to read an interview with Professor Ruggeri by Olivia Gordon from Oxford Today


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