Dinas Elias


Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Brasenose College and
Associate Professor in Comparative Politics at the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University


DPhil (European University Institute)

Academic Background

PhD in Political Science, European University Institute, Florence
Visiting Fellow, UC Berkeley, 2009
MA Political Behaviour, University of Essex

Previous Positions

Prize Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford (2010-2012)
Lecturer in Politics and Research Methods, University of Nottingham, School of Politics and IR (2012-2013)

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Comparative Government
Political Sociology

Graduate Teaching Areas

Political Behaviour
European Politics
Research Methods

Research Interests

Comparative Political Behaviour
Political Socialisation
Political Methodology


Does Choice Bring Loyalty? Electoral Participation and the Development of Party Identification. Forthcoming. American Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming, Online access:

Why Does the Apple Fall Far from the Tree? How Early Political Socialization Prompts Parent-Child Dissimilarity. Forthcoming. British Journal of Political Science, Online access:

Opening “Openness to change:” Political Events and the increased sensitivity of young adults. 2013 Political Research Quarterly, 66(4): 868-882

Tactical Voting and Party Preferences: A Test of Cognitive Dissonance Theory (with Joergen Boelstad and Pedro Riera), 2013. Political Behavior, 35(3):429-52.


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