Stipendiary Lecturer in Physics


B.Sc (Bremen), M.Sc. (Munich), DPhil (Oxford)

Academic Background

Between 2014-2018 I held a postdoctoral position at the University of Uppsala. The Uppsala appointment was preceded by a one-year PDRA at the University of Oxford that followed the completion of my DPhil studies in Theoretical Physics at the same institution in November 2013.


I teach the first year course on Mechanics and Relativity and oversee all Physics teaching in Brasenose.

Research Interests

My research area is the mathematics and physics of String Theory.

String theory has had a profound impact on the development of mathematics and physics. It has also entered the collective consciousness as a forefront area of research with profound implications for the way in which we think about the world.

Over the years I have worked on a number of problems motivated by the aspiration to connect string theory to physical phenomena. I have constructed the largest data set of standard-like models in string theory and studied a wide range of phenomenology topics in the context of string-derived grand unified theories. More recently I have uncovered a class of quasi-topological formulae for line bundle cohomology, underpinning the realisation of string theory solutions that unify all known forms of matter and forces.


C. R. Brodie, A. Constantin, R. Deen, A. Lukas, Topological Formulae for the Zeroth Cohomology of Line Bundles on Surfaces, arXiv:1906.08363 [math.AG].

C. R. Brodie, A. Constantin, R. Deen, A. Lukas, Machine Learning Line Bundle Cohomology, arXiv:1906.08730 [hep-th].

A. Constantin, Y.H. He, A. Lukas, Counting String Theory Standard Models, Phys.Lett. B792 (2019) 258-262, arXiv:1810.00444 [hep-th].

A. Constantin, A. Lukas, Formulae for Line Bundle Cohomology on Calabi-Yau Threefolds, Fortsch.Phys., 201900084, arXiv:1808.09992 [hep-th].

P. Candelas, A. Constantin, C. Damian, M. Larfors, F. Morales, Type IIB flux vacua from G-theory I, JHEP 1502 (2015) 187, arXiv:1411.4785 [hep-th].

L. Anderson, A. Constantin, J. Gray, A. Lukas and E. Palti, A Comprehensive Scan for Heterotic SU(5) GUT Models, JHEP 1401 (2014) 047, arXiv:1307.4787 [hep-th].

P. Candelas, A. Constantin, H. Skarke, An Abundance of K3 Fibrations from Polyhedra with Interchangeable Parts, Commun. Math. Phys. 324 (2013) 937-959, arXiv:1207.4792 [hep-th].


[email protected]

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