Goulder PhilipPosition

Supernumerary Fellow in Clinical Medicine, Brasenose College


Prof Goulder is a paediatrician and research immunologist who runs the HIV Infection and Immune Control Group, based at the Medawar Building, South Parks Road. The group is working to identify the components of the immune response that are successful in controlling HIV infection, and that would be important to incorporate into HIV vaccine development strategies. A second arm to this research is to investigate the direction in which HIV is evolving in different populations globally, and the extent to which the virus is already adapting to those immune responses that are most effective at bringing about successful control of the infection. Finally, the group are investigating means of modifying the immune response against HIV that is made by infected infants, either through the use of short-term antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiated from within days of birth, or by use of peptide immunotherapy in combination with short-term ART.


Homepage: http://www.paediatrics.ox.ac.uk/team/philip-goulder

Research group: http://www.paediatrics.ox.ac.uk/research/HIV-research-group


[email protected]

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