vernonbogdanor1.jpgAn essay competition has been inaugurated in honour of Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Tutor in Politics. The competition, established by Jeff Rosensweig, a former student of Professor Bogdanor's, is open to any student of Brasenose College. Jeff Rosensweig is an American who attended Brasenose on a British Marshall Scholarship. The Marshall Scholarship was established for Britain to thank the US for the Marshall Plan, and Jeff has never forgotten the generosity of Britain in allowing him to study at Brasenose.

Essays can be submitted on one of four contemporary political topics. There will be a prize of £750 for first place, £500 for second place, and £250 for third place.

Professor Bogdanor joined the Fellowship of Brasenose College in 1966 and retires this year. In a distinguished academic career, he has written and spoken widely on the British constitution, on which he commented, ‘I make my living from a subject that doesn't exist'. He has recently been appointed chevalier of the légion d'honneur, received the Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize for Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies and, in 1998, was awarded a CBE for contributions to constitutional history. He provides regular media commentary and has acted as an advisor on constitutional issues to many countries across the world.